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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Episode 12 - The Bad Guy

Primal discusses what it's like to wear the title of bad guy.
A short episode dedicated to the people that point their fingers and blame others.
(Download Episode 12 - 11/20/14)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Primal Podcast Episode 9

Special Guest: Fred the "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy" Guy

Primal starts off the show excited as ever and takes some time to talk about a Florida man with 50 dead cats in a freezer, a man bringing his daughter along to rob a house, a girl who married a dog and a mysterious death during a car accident. After the break, Fred calls in and gives us podcast gold!
Primal and Fred discuss the FHRITP history, Fred's home life, they take a call from a fan, talk beer and more! A must-listen episode!
(Download Episode 9 - 10/3/14)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Guest Announcement

Fred the "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy" Guy!

Fred will be calling in TONIGHT, Friday, October 3rd!! I am such a huge fan of this guy and am ecstatic to announce his appearance! If you're unfamiliar with Fred, check out the videos below and Please visit his site HERE for merch, video and more! This is Huge for me and I'm star-struck over it. Tune in tonight at 6p and let's all FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!!

Primal Podcast Episode 8

Special Guest: Xander Demos

-Apologies to Xander for the 'attack' prior to his call. I sincerely thought he bailed and motherfucked him a bit. He ended up being awesome.-

Primal has a train wreck to start the show. The phone system was failing again and things were not prepared. He discusses the richest rappers as well as freaking out about things breaking before taking a call from good friend and fellow M.C., SuperKing Armor. SuperKing and Primal chat it up a bit before Primal bitches about being stood up by his guest. After the break, Xander finally calls in and they talk about his music, touring, awards and the progression of music today.
(Download Episode 8 - 9/23/14)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Primal Podcast Episode 7

Special Guest: Chris "Mangina" Magennis
Mangina returns to the show and this time Primal makes sure to record it! The show starts with Mangina's triumphant fog machine entrance and the fun begins quickly. The boys discuss the mishap of Chris' last visit and Primal's lack of pot smoking. Primal makes a big announcement about his life and Chris announces his new project "Mangina: The Web Series". The nonsense keeps coming as they talk about their sexcapades, eating habits and then Mangina takes over the show while Primal gives him 2 tattoos on his foot!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Primal Podcast Episode 6

The Emo Show. Primal gets personal and discusses his life outside the show. He discusses woman problems, his less than excited mood about doing the show and complains about his day. He also takes a call from "Master Bader", discusses new guests and a possible sponsor, talks about a man that ejactulated into a co-workers coffee, and takes a call from Ryan who will soon be hosting a tech-talk show alongside Primal Podcast. The show ends early as Primal decides he can't quite finish the 2 hour limit.
(Download Episode 6 - 9/12/14)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Primal Podcast Episode 5

Special Guest: Ruin
Primal & Ruin discuss Ruin's music and album history, a toilet seat that vents out foul odors, a man calling his ex 21,000 times, Fred the "Fuck her right in the pussy" guy, watch a clip of "To Catch A Predator", and take calls from Larry, Dr. Unk and the mysterious "Stacy". They also talk about general nonsense then wrap up listening to a review of a sex toy!
(Download Episode 5 - 9/5/14)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Primal Podcast Episode 3

In the new episode Primal is slightly disorganized, but manages to make it through another 2 hours. This time he covers a woman who tried setting fire to her ex's house with a pound of bacon, Gavin McInnes fired for his Transgender opinion, SWAT-ing on Counter Strike, Central Perk opening in Manhattan, "Sons Of Guns" star arrested for rape, Pickup line on Tinder, Roseland Ballroom being destroyed, a 9 year old with an uzi kills her instructor, a brother and sister having sex in a church parking lot, 13 websites to avoid and the ALS Ice Bucket Fraud.
(Download Episode 3 - 8/29/14)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Guest Announcement!

Chris 'Mangina' Magennis will be my first in-studio guest on Tuesday, Sept. 2!

I couldn't think of a better first guest if I tried! Chris is hysterical and is sure to make this the best episode yet! Aside from being a personal friend, Chris is the man behind 'Mangina the movie', 'Mangina 2: Skate Hard, Rage Harder', Ned Colebeer, Ruin's music videos, and the web series, 'Bro Meets Dude'. You can check out 'Bro Meets Dude' Episode 1 below (as well as the skit that started my favorite mini-series):

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Primal Podcast Episode 2

Here's the uncut version! Primal starts the show without hitting the mic button (good job!) So you can hear the first 14 minutes that didn't air as well as the "second start". This episode discusses more of Ferguson, Racism (ft. a call from Larry), Marc David Chapman's parole hearing, fake Scott Weiland goes to jail, Google cars, Pirate Bay arrests, Frustrating video games, the Ice Bucket Challenge and Fred, the "Fuck her right in the pussy" guy! As well as an announcement about the first in-studio guest!
(Download Episode 2 - 8/22/14)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Primal Podcast Episode 1

The Re-Launch! Primal Podcast's premier episode!

This first episode covers the new features of the show and ways to listen, Anthony Cumia's firing & new show, Robin Williams' death, pornstar Christy Mack being beaten, some personal history, Unadilla, a kid wearing his own mugshot t-shirt when arrested and some info on Ferguson, Missouri!
(Download Episode 1 - 8/19/2014)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Prepare For Launch

Here we go!

It's been a long and bumpy road trying to get everything in place for (re)launch, but that time is finally near.
I'm proud to announce that Primal Podcast will go live and officially launch on Tuesday, August 19th!

I can't thank all of my testers enough for the help and support as I've struggled with getting everything solid along the way. Without that help I wouldn't be anywhere near done yet. If possible, I'll even be working out something special for those of you that were involved in the testing phases.

With all of that said, there will be one more test show this weekend before the official launch day and then it's all prep for the big one after that! Make sure to bookmark the site and follow the show on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with everything! It's gonna be a great time as things continue to smooth themselves out.

So get yourself setup to listen and prepare for the ridiculous:

Tuesday, August 19th
6 - 8pm

See ya then!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Every Way To Listen

Unlike the first time, there are now a multitude of ways to access the live show! Whether you're in front of your computer or on your phone/tablet just about anybody can listen in live. If you're still not able to catch it on the air, there're any number of possibilities to catch up with everyone else and get your fix! We'll cover most of your listening options right here:

Listening Live:

  • PC/Mac
    • Listen Now! - The easiest way to listen to the show from your computer, just click Listen Now and stream away
    • Tune In Buttons - Easily located on the sidebar, just click the icon of the player you use
  • Android
    • Winamp - The best way to listen on Android! Select SHOUTcast and search Primal Podcast. Download
    • XiiaLive - Another easy to use app. Open it, select Directories>SHOUTcast, then search Primal Podcast. Google Play
    • TuneIn - When you sign in, select My Profile>Add Custom Url. Then enter: Google Play
  • iPhone
    • Quicktime - Just click the link under the banner above and listen in!

Downloading Episodes

  • PC/Mac
    • iTunes - The #1 best way to download episodes! This is our biggest ranking method; If you're gonna download, get em here!
    • OnDemand - To listen/download available episodes straight from the site, visit onDemand
  • Android/iPhone
    • Stitcher - The top choice for off-air shows! It's as easy as searching Primal Podcast! Google Play - App Store
    • Mobile Site - Just choose your phone type! If it can't play automatically it will link you to an app that can! Mobile Site

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Show, New Info

I think it's time I start giving out more info since things are making big progress. The podcast is looking and sounding better than ever so here's the lowdown:
  • Everything has been rebranded and it's now Primal Podcast
  • You will now be able to access the stream from almost any device (details about android connections soon)
  • The show will still be a live broadcast with call-in options
  • Merch is already available for purchase
  • The stream broadcasts at 64Kbps and sounds great
  • The website has obviously had an overhaul
  • Donations will be accepted (More information as to when it will be available)
  • It's looking like 2-3 hour shows, 2 shows a week on Tuesday & Friday
  • There will be replay options and possibly OnDemand to listen at your convenience
  • AutoDJ is enabled and will be able to run 24/7 between shows to showcase various artists.
  • Submissions will be accepted (More info to come as to when I will begin accepting them)
  • The Listen Now! page is active and you can listen to the AutoDJ
Thanks to those assissting in testing and support