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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Every Way To Listen

Unlike the first time, there are now a multitude of ways to access the live show! Whether you're in front of your computer or on your phone/tablet just about anybody can listen in live. If you're still not able to catch it on the air, there're any number of possibilities to catch up with everyone else and get your fix! We'll cover most of your listening options right here:

Listening Live:

  • PC/Mac
    • Listen Now! - The easiest way to listen to the show from your computer, just click Listen Now and stream away
    • Tune In Buttons - Easily located on the sidebar, just click the icon of the player you use
  • Android
    • Winamp - The best way to listen on Android! Select SHOUTcast and search Primal Podcast. Download
    • XiiaLive - Another easy to use app. Open it, select Directories>SHOUTcast, then search Primal Podcast. Google Play
    • TuneIn - When you sign in, select My Profile>Add Custom Url. Then enter: Google Play
  • iPhone
    • Quicktime - Just click the link under the banner above and listen in!

Downloading Episodes

  • PC/Mac
    • iTunes - The #1 best way to download episodes! This is our biggest ranking method; If you're gonna download, get em here!
    • OnDemand - To listen/download available episodes straight from the site, visit onDemand
  • Android/iPhone
    • Stitcher - The top choice for off-air shows! It's as easy as searching Primal Podcast! Google Play - App Store
    • Mobile Site - Just choose your phone type! If it can't play automatically it will link you to an app that can! Mobile Site

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Show, New Info

I think it's time I start giving out more info since things are making big progress. The podcast is looking and sounding better than ever so here's the lowdown:
  • Everything has been rebranded and it's now Primal Podcast
  • You will now be able to access the stream from almost any device (details about android connections soon)
  • The show will still be a live broadcast with call-in options
  • Merch is already available for purchase
  • The stream broadcasts at 64Kbps and sounds great
  • The website has obviously had an overhaul
  • Donations will be accepted (More information as to when it will be available)
  • It's looking like 2-3 hour shows, 2 shows a week on Tuesday & Friday
  • There will be replay options and possibly OnDemand to listen at your convenience
  • AutoDJ is enabled and will be able to run 24/7 between shows to showcase various artists.
  • Submissions will be accepted (More info to come as to when I will begin accepting them)
  • The Listen Now! page is active and you can listen to the AutoDJ
Thanks to those assissting in testing and support