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Friday, August 15, 2014

Prepare For Launch

Here we go!

It's been a long and bumpy road trying to get everything in place for (re)launch, but that time is finally near.
I'm proud to announce that Primal Podcast will go live and officially launch on Tuesday, August 19th!

I can't thank all of my testers enough for the help and support as I've struggled with getting everything solid along the way. Without that help I wouldn't be anywhere near done yet. If possible, I'll even be working out something special for those of you that were involved in the testing phases.

With all of that said, there will be one more test show this weekend before the official launch day and then it's all prep for the big one after that! Make sure to bookmark the site and follow the show on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with everything! It's gonna be a great time as things continue to smooth themselves out.

So get yourself setup to listen and prepare for the ridiculous:

Tuesday, August 19th
6 - 8pm

See ya then!

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